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Profile & Expertise

Expertise and engineering in food safety digitalization processes with governance bodies..

International qualification in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) dematerialization

Our deliverable can be defined as a flexible, country-specific ecosystem whose design and development is guided by the principles of feasibility, inclusiveness and sustainability through the interoperability of our digital solutions.

Thus our skills cover online services (Software as a Service - SaaS) assisted by mobile applications for deliverables in areas such as,

  • Digitalized trade processes based on product information meeting the international standards.
  • Agricultural production processes (field crops, arboricultures….).
  • Supply chain processes, including agricultural products based on the value chain.


E D I (*) to facilitate cross-border trade

At the rate of regional integration, cross-border trade processes must integrate digitalization in conformity with international standards.

Our expertise in this area is a response that exceeds the minimum necessary by innovating, and in particular, in the interoperability between private and governance operators, in order to establish a daily harmony to facilitate trade.

EDI processes : Dematerialized order, dematerialized shipping preparation (marking & logistics labeling), dematerialized shipping notice, and dematerialized invoice.

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(*) : Electronic Data Interchange

Food Supply Chain – Global Concept

With climate change and various crisis situations, the challenges facing society as a whole are immense and urgent. To cite first, the challenge of food security.

Also, in recent years, our expertise in projects conducted in close collaboration with the United Nations technical agencies, such as the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and the WFP (World Food Programme of the United Nations), now gives us the ability to offer real answers to the problems of information to be digitalized in the service of value chains involving all stakeholders such as the agricultural producer, the proximity carrier, the groupage logistician, intermediate markets and other distribution channels for local trade or export.

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Product Information Aggregator - QR code perspectives

Capable of capturing much more data, and thus sharing an infinity of digital content, the QR code will gradually replace the traditional barcode.

Also, in recent years, there has been a multitude of isolated initiatives by producers who print a QR code on their product packaging and whose content translates their own vision in terms of useful information for consumers and economic operators.

Therefore, standardizing the QR code on FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) packaging is an issue on the agenda in modern trade governance bodies.

This is why, over the next decade, we will experience the greatest mutation of this small symbol, the bar code, this unique planetary identification standard throughout the Supply Chain.

That’s why, the future years will be the years of the QR code enhanced by the Standards.

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Vidéo relayée de notre partenaire GS1 France

Codeonline ASWAQ - fresh produce markets

Food security relies on several links in the value chain.

Codeonline Aswaq is dedicated to the distribution of fresh agricultural products through wholesale and retail markets.

Indeed, This facilitates the visibility of retail markets for the consumer wherever he is H24 and 7 days/ 7 essential condition for effective competition between markets.

This solution integrates various services such as the calculation of the household basket and its comparison between markets; remotely prices control by the governance body; as well as the reporting of anomalies observed by consumers in real time.

Codeonline Aswaq is interoperable with the digitalisation of wholesale markets and the logistics transport of agricultural products.

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Codeonline APU - Agriculture Product Unit

Agricultural production is the initial link to food security. Digital technology is a tool that can efficiently meet several needs of farmers in the management of their farms while facilitating the traceability of food produced from the farm.

Codeonline-APU is a global digital response that covers a range of services to producers. It is an interoperable solution whose objective is to facilitate agricultural activity by developing a digital proximity of the farmer with his professional environment: logistics operators, buyers, input suppliers and governance bodies in this vital sector.

Among its services, Codeonline-APU provides the producer with personalized technical advice for the conduct of each crop year. This is a response to one of the main obstacles to the productivity and agronomic efficiency of farms, especially since currently, extension structures are no longer able to provide adequate and timely support to all farmers for all their crops.

For their part, governance structures can use this solution as a communication tool to instantly transmit relevant information including targeted messages to farmers.

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